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Fenn himself began to read, and where puzzlers have stated he has said to start. There are actually many interpretations, and therefore possibilities. I have discussed around that subject with several people in the last few days and am concerned that not all searchers are aware of what has been said. So to level the playing field to give everyone an equal chance I will say now that WWWH is not related to any dam.

You over simplify the clues. There are many places in the Rocky Mountains where warm waters halt, and nearly all of them are north of Santa Fe. Look at the big picture, there are no short cuts. Please know the above are only ideas.

I will continue to add to them. Feel free to add your own ideas, if wanted, in the comments below. The poem is vague and so can lead to many different places, all over the Rocky Mountains. Forrest has said it is difficult to find, but not impossible, so…. Fenn could give me a holler if I was close.

Sorry Dan, Forrest has stated that He wants the bracelet back if found, and he will even pay for it. Myself, I would just give it back. Kelly is right. Yea right, because Rhode Island is more that miles west of Toledo! Can anyone point me in the right direction. Its in the Rocky Mountains.I have my favorites. Nothing like a crowd to dampen the specialness of a secret spot.

Just ask Forrest Fenn. Well, maybe just strolling. With a metal detector? As often as could be, that might be fishing. So, today was a good day to make blackberry jam.

Much better than heating up the kitchen on the hot, steamy July days when I picked, washed, pulped and put them in the freezer. Also, I made a pot of tea and sat down to blog. I should be well into a revision at this point, but things have only just now settled down around here.

warm waters stop

I can get my vitamin D through the window, right? Then, back to work.

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For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand. When I packed for my road trip to search for the treasure chest, I filled a cooler with frozen juices, healthy food, waters, and even falafel mix. It was a cooler apparently in name only, and with the degree days, I was adding copious amounts of ice within 48 hours.

It gave me pause. Once upon a time, I was avidly against nuclear power plants. After Three-Mile-IslandI was ardently antinuke. Now, post-Fukishima, I find it hard to eat even at home.

Water stop

Pasture-raised meat and dairy? Can I even find non-gmo corn products?This is for a discussion about Where Warm Waters Halt. Doug- Uncompahgre has several translated meanings…at least three are found in Wiki.

I also thought the same thing until FF responded to the Christ of the Mines Shrine solve saying that he had never heard of Christ of The Mines Shrine in Silverton, Colorado until several months after the chase. Exactly the same time frame as when the solve was presented!!!! I think I know where warm waters halt, but I am stuck with the second clue because there is no canyon near the location of the first clue.

But I think this is why one has to have boots on the ground. Still supposedly one can figure out the first two clues before one has to be on location in order to follow the rest of the clues.

Colorado is inferred, but Border is more likely IMP the Translations of colorado adjective red rojo, tinto, colorado, encarnado, encarnizado, ruboroso. Then about 18 months ago I started looking at the bigger picture. Where does all water halt, or at least collect? IMO, the second stanza tells us what we are looking for as a place to start.

The forth stanza switches to past tense, indicating that what you seek will be found as you travel down stream, but before the end ever nigh. I plan to do some fishing while I am there, so it will be fun either way.

I grew up in Delta where the Uncompahgre and Gunnison meet. I have scoured the area with no real leads except for Fort Uncompahgre.

Along the Gunnison just outside of Delta is a Dig If you need boats on the ground in the area please let me know? On one of my extensive searches in I stopped by the Ute Indian Interpretation Center which sits beside the Uncompahgre river In Montrose CO and asked the person at the center what Uncompahgre means. These letters were never intended for publication, and were only the details written to our family of an every-day life, and now put in the same shape and composition; not as a literary work, but in hopes that the various experiences we underwent may be useful to future colonists intending to emigrate and farm, either in Manitoba or Colorado.

FYI: The Uncompahgre River begins flowing crystal clear at Lake Como near the peak of Brown mountain which then flows down the Poughkeepsie Gulch and then into a very deep canyon until it crosses under U. Highway to where afterwards there are a couple of beautiful blazing waterfalls. Lake Como is frozen for the good part of the year and usually does not thaw out until late June. In other words the beginnings of the Uncompahgre River is sourced from frozen halted water.

Full Decipher of 'Where Warm Waters Halt'

But… a tributary called Red Mountain Creek flows into the Uncompahgre River down river from those blazing water falls. That creek is heavy laden with a reddish brown color due to the large amount of iron in the creek that flows down from the three 3 Red Mountains which are also heavy laden with iron. Very interesting reading. Aaron—Now that is a very important question. Define IT and you will have a correct starting point.

Just one mans opinion. No chest in my possession yet. Folks have been talking about what IT means and there are quite a few that have been debating this. Question, what if the word IT is not important in solving anything? Denver will certainly put a smile on your face… after a purchase of a nickle bag.

Is it still call that? But if IT is of no importance why put IT in? The line would easily read perfectly; Begin where warm waters halt. IT; used in the normal subject or object position when a more specific subject or object is given later in the sentence. IT; used to refer to a thing previously mentioned or easily identified.Forrest has intimated that the puzzle involves a starting-point. So, WWWH seems to be that starting point.

Forrest claimed he worked on this poem for 15 years, agonizing over word-choices. Is halt important? Like really important to solving the puzzle and finding the treasure? Perhaps it just means what it says.

Definitions of Halt - lame, limp, stop, falter, to stand in perplexity or doubt between alternate courses, a small railroad stop at which there is no station, come to an abrupt stop, a temporary freeze in activity, lame, walk with a limp.

We could be looking for any type of hot spring of thermal feature like an of the billions of ones in Yellowstone and the rest of the rocky mountains. Highway boiling point of water, where warm water becomes steam.

Where warm waters halt is almost surely the starting-position.

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Discovering where exactly this location is should be your top priority. As Forrest has said, people have solved the first two clues - and ended up within a couple hundred feet of the treasure. WWWH seems to be clue 1. There are almost certainly clues in there that tell you the right warm waters to start at. The Nine Clues. Where Warm Waters Halt. No Place for the Meek.

warm waters stop

Find The Blaze. Heavy Loads and Water High. Tarry Scant with Marvel Gaze. Hear Me All and Listen Good. Brave and in the Wood. Treasures Bold. The End is Ever Drawing Nigh. Done it Tired and Weak.This is for a discussion about Where Warm Waters Halt. Great topic, Dal. I will be spending a half day there in mid-June before catching a flight back to Milwaukee. After some exploration, I found a wonderful little creek called Canyones Creek where I trudged up with waders searching the banks of the river.

During my first expeditation, I was hung up by tribal land and private property. Still, there is something about this place that has potential. And, I may visit again this next trip.

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Michael Raymond it is an extra enchanting area. I go there as well.

Where Warm Waters Halt…

The Los Alamos area is with multiple caldera with the same enclosed hot springs as Yellowstone just at one third the scale. I had heard recently abut Los Alamost and the caldera. Maybe Los Alamos is. Begin it where warm waters halt, Then take it in the canyon downnot far, but too far to walk, then put in the home of Brown.

Or is it supposed to read.? Begin it WWWH and take it in the canyon down, the canyon down is not far, but too far to walk so put in below the home of Brown. One mans opinion.

Just coming out of hibernation—That was one long winter. Ty will do you too Ken Titan is doing his stretches now the sun is a welcome change. Hope everyone weathered this winter well. I also think the big pictures the map. The flow is completely stopped at times, to the lament of our local photographers.

Salmon fishing in the cold water at the base of the falls was unbelievable. Maps shows the public lands all the way up the rocky mountains. Get fuel for the Piper Malibu in Twin Falls, maybe? Yes, below, and even the washrooms in the main lodge, have tiles with a bear standing up and paws up on the tree. Nowadays, folks just use drones instead of making a daringly low pass, canyon down, over the Snake River in a Piper Malibu:.

There is a big Bear right in the middle of the road in front of it. The web cam has been down for a while, but it also showed the train station where FF could take a bath for 50 cents as a youngster. Its address is Canyon street.

Not Obsessed — Maybe so! Several parks in the Rockies feature the layer where it pops out.

warm waters stop

First I have heard of it. I am not sure the warm salty waters will ever halt their flowing, as we follow the Memorial Paths from the top of the map at thru a Vale of Tears.I previously discussed Warm Springs a few years back. I mentioned the that Mr. Fenn's memoir had an interesting hint, "In the spring when it is warm" and that the season of spring begins in March which is also used in military drill marching.

The main command in military drill to stop is "halt. Fenn says searchers do not spend enough time dwelling on the first clue and that if they do not have the first clue nailed down they should stay home and play Canasta. This begs the question, "What does dwell and nailed down have in common? The answer is obviously dwell or dwelling has a roof and that is what is nailed down. Yet another seeming riddle solved. So what does this have to do with anything? Fenn has also stated many people have got the first two clues correct and went by the other seven.

None of these searchers knew what they had. We know also that they won't know they have the first clue correct until they have solved the last.

Forrest Fenn’s Where Warm Waters Halt

But is there something else in his words? What if searchers got the first two clues correctly, like I did several years ago, but actually did not solve the clues? Stay with me, I am getting there. Many searchers just logically justify the first clue, but if we solve it then we have more to go on. More confidence in our solution to keep going. So why come up with forced and vague meanings to halt when we can use Mr. The simplest and most straight forward answer to halt is stop.

The simplest most straight forward understanding of warm waters is a warm spring of more specifically warm springs since waters implies plural springs. Fenn also said, "There are many places in the Rocky Mountains where warm waters halt, and nearly all of them are north of Santa Fe.

So if we look at the big picture of Warn Springs from 10, feet above and "dwell" on clue one, we see the dwelling is.A water stop or water station on a railroad is a place where steam trains stop to replenish water. The stopping of the train itself is also referred to as a "water stop". The term originates from the times of steam engines when large amounts of water were essential.

Also known as wood and water stops or coal and water stopssince it was reasonable to replenish engines with fuel as well when adding water to the boiler. During the very early days of steam locomotives, water stops were necessary every 7—10 miles km and consumed much travel time. To accumulate the water, water stops employed water tankswater towers and tank ponds.

Forrest Fenn Treasure- Vlog 1 The "Proof" of where warm waters halt!

The water was initially pumped by windmillswatermillsor by hand pumps often by the train crew themselves. Later, small steam and gasoline engines were used. As the U. Largemouth bass were often stocked in tank ponds.

Many water stops along new railways evolved into new settlements. When a train stopped for water and was positioned by a water tower, the boilerman swung out the spigot arm over the water tender and "jerked" the chain to begin watering. This gave rise to a 19th-century slang term "Jerkwater town" for towns too insignificant to have a regular train station. Isolated water stops were among favorite ambush places for train robbers.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Clovis, Calif. Roberg, Jack L. Railway infrastructure. Categories : Rail infrastructure Water supply Steam locomotive technologies.

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